……..and again!

Sustainable Success!

What a year this is turning out to be – not only did we win Gold in the Cornish Tourism Awards for ‘Ethical, Responsible, Sustainable Tourism’ back in Feb, but we were put through to the South West Tourism Awards for the same category. This was wonderful, as we were not just representing Cornwall, but interacting with a greater number of business from Avon, Somerset, Devon & Dorset.

Another zoom ceremony this year was arranged beautifully, and we were amazed and delighted to find out that we had won Gold again! Not only that, but we were awarded a special award from South West Water for Water Conservation! How fantastic for us, that all the ideas, trial and errors and exchanges with our guests are paying off, and hopefully making a difference. We need to find ways to welcome visitors to this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, whilst preserving that beauty and using our resources carefully and responsibly. They are not necessarily opposed to each other, but how we steward our land and business for the future will have an impact, now and for years to come.

However wonderful winning these awards are, they do not represent for us the top of the mountain; rather they are a recognition that we are following the right path from the bottom of the slope. We want to communicate, learn from and work with other companies, guests, and industry bodies to contribute to a much more holistic whole, and hope that we will find those opportunities in the coming years.

So I hope to share some of the ideas we have tried, and read about in the coming months, and hope that you may be inspired to try some for yourselves…..


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