We need a bigger cabinet!



Last Friday, Robin Barker, his wife and two fourlegged companions visited us at The Sanctuary for the first time. They came with not the one, Gold award that we had won at the South West Tourism Awards, but an extra one for our Water Conservation Award, which was sponsored by South West Water. It was lovely to be able to show them around at some of what we had done, and have tea and cake in the beautiful sunshine. Robin persuaded me to do a little video about what the awards meant – and although I can talk till the cows come home, I hate having to see the results! Carol & I went to place the awards in our cabinet, only to find that they were too tall! so they are now taking pride of place on the windowsill in the Breakfast room so we and our guests can see them every day! Many Thanks to the fabulous Teign Valley Glass for making them to match my paint choice! I also did speak about the judges – they gave some really useful and thoughtful feedback, which being objective was so helpful. We hope to have put all their recommendations in place by the end of the season, and we are always happy to get ideas from our guests too!

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