Finally I have managed to get my head around creating a subscription newsletter……. yes, I know it has only taken me four years, and everyone else seems to manage it! Partly, during the pandemic and the cost of living problems that so many face, I thought ‘why would anyone be interested in what […]

Guest’s Insights…..

  We’ve had some interesting chats with our guests over these last few weeks about all sorts of things, including how they came to find us….. One set of guests arrived with an electric car, and told us that they only choose properties to stay nowadays that have car charging facilities as it makes their […]

End of another season!

    A belated post about the end of our season – the longest yet since we first opened in 2019! As it is mainly myself with the help of David & Carol it was hard work with no time off, but how wonderful to greet so many return guests – one family visited over […]

Introducing ‘The Look Out’

  We are delighted to introduce ‘The Look Out’ to our website! We went to see Jake from back in October 2020 to look at his beautiful hand built shepherds huts and pods. We decided on a pod as we liked it’s quirky shape and the fact that it would tuck into the trees […]

Welcome May!

      We can’t believe it’s already May! The winter flew by in a flurry of painting, digging, and chainsawing and we opened in March this year – the first time we haven’t been locked down! We enjoyed wonderful weather at Easter- in fact very little rain for about 6 weeks, so as I […]

An apple a day…….

                An Apple a day…   Well not quite, but with all of our new plantings over the last few years there is almost an apple for each month! We started out in our Forest Garden on the edges of glades and paths, and these trees are now […]

Plastic Free July – catch up

                                Well, July is almost over, and we hosted our first wedding party last weekend. A Golantian returned home to get married in the village’s beautiful 12th Century church, and we were honoured to host his bride’s family, and provide […]

Charcoal Making – a green craft?

    For this blog I thought I would show you our newest venture at the Sanctuary – charcoal making! David decided he wanted to have a go, using our left over ash. We have had to take some Ash down unfortunately due to Ash dieback, and although we saved the larger pieces for drying […]

Plastic Free July

    Green Tourism has been promoting plastic free July, and so I thought I would highlight a few things – good and bad, that we have experienced. Apologies if you have read previous posts and hear some of it again, but I think it is worth repeating!   We have rescued the single use […]

Not your typical hotel…….

    ‘Not your typical Hotel’   This was the title of a review by a guest recently, and I’m not sure if it was meant as a compliment or a complaint! Certainly, they felt that they should have had more privacy on the terrace by having walls where we have planters and screens with […]